I needed to update my website and my wonderful web designer said I ought to have a biography. I am oft unsure about biographies. This is because I am always working and something is always changeable. Besides, they read like obituaries sometimes! So, to make me feel less frumpy we thought the heading Me was mildly appropriate. Although these next few paragraphs can never fully encapsulate Me, we’ll just run through the professional work. I have worked as an actress since I was 16. I held down other professional jobs too and studied hard for many qualifications I haven’t yet used! I wish to leave all the talents and gifts God gave me on this earth, that’s why I do so much simultaneously. Covid in the last 2 years has managed to slow me down to some extent but it cannot prevail.

I trained at Greenwich Musical Theatre (Trinity College of Music) and Drama Centre, London. It’s only right to name drop that I am in good company by my attendance of Drama Centre aka Trauma Centre – we managed to churn out Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Rege Jean Page (Bridgerton), Pierce Brosnan and co. My Film and TV credits include Jujuman (2022), Honeymoon (2019), Overnight (2018), The Gatehouse (2016), The Journey of Alfred Small (2015) In a Heartbeat (2014), Law and Order, Casualty, Holby City, Doctors. Theatre credits include Where are we Now? by Bola Agbaje, Amazing Grace, by Jesse Lawrence, Race by Steve Macaulay, Our Husbands have Gone Made Again, by Lookman Sanusi, Josephine Baker by Jesse Britton, Umuada by Justina Kehinde, Brittanicus by Seamus Newham, The Apple of His Eye by Simonne Mason and many more. Various print and advert commercials include Vodaphone, British Airways, E-toro, Lebara, Nestle (Angola) and more.

For some 7 – 8 years, I have worked on a huge film project based on Sarah Forbes Bonetta’s life: A Present From The King Of Blacks To The Queen Of Whites. I will be playing the titular role of Sarah Forbes – a life so similar to mine as a Nigerian who grew up in Great Britain. I really believe this will be one of the greatest films to come out of England.

Additionally and concurrent to all the above, I trained as a Barrister and I’m a middle templar. 

I run my charity foundation: Elesin Foundation and my own film production company: Elesin Films.

If you have some time, do check out Facebook and Instagram where I have released some 80 – 90 poems inspired by many things – from Jesus Christ to Donald Trump to avocado.

Enjoy gawping at my pictures.

Enjoy snooping.

Enjoy it all so much and you might want to donate towards all that I do.

Love, T! X